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10 Green Things We Can Do With Our Backyards for Spring

MantraMeds Sustainable Medical Apparel believes going Green should not just be about consumer items. It’s about a lifestyle, a full commitment to sustainability. Now that spring is here, it’s time to spruce up your yard. Take Laura Ruby’s advice in from this Youtube interview.

Waylon talks with Laura about 10 green things we can do with our backyards for spring:

Click the image above or go to:

Laura gives tips on how to make your outdoor spaces not just beautiful, but useful as well. While lawns are very popular in the U.S., they use tremendous resources to maintain in most areas without much return on the investment. Laura explains ways for homeowners as well as renters to enjoy gardening and reap the benefits of digging in the dirt.

Laura Ruby is an avid foodie enthusiast, sniffing out fresh, local and yummy food wherever she goes. She worked as the Garden Coordinator for the Growe Foundation for the past three and a half years installing gardens and teaching garden curriculum at Boulder Valley elementary schools. She is also the founder and owner of YummyYards, an edible landscaping company, working to co-create more functioning, self-sufficient landscapes, and is a co-facilitator and teacher at the Lyons Permaculture Design Course at the Farmette. When not teaching about growing food, you can usually find her in a garden somewhere. -Kate Bartolotta

Laura’s web site is Yummy Yards.

MantraMeds Site has NEW FEATURES! Part 2: Videos


The MantraMeds website has some exciting new features to make shopping online that much easier. With additions like a new fit guide and videos of our model sporting each scrub, you’ll feel like you’re in a store trying our scrubs on!

Every top and bottom on the MantraMeds shop site now has a video of our models turning around in the scrubs. Now you can see how these garments move! Go to to see our sustainable scrubs in motion!

Get involved with Earth Day 2012

Earth Day is right around the corner! Find out how to get involved in your community!

St. Patrick’s Day Sale

Go to sale:

earthspun apparel 100% Recycled T-Shirts now available in LONG SLEEVE!

earthspun apparel 100% recycled tees are now available on in long sleeve! We carry men’s and women’s long sleeve tees in colors Beer Bottle Brown, Water Bottle Blue, & Soda Pop Green.


earthspun tees are made with superior quality, American made, ring spun yarns. The fabric is a unique blend of recycled polyester (RPET) fibers from green, brown and blue plastic bottles. These are combined with American recycled cotton to create an earth friendly, unbelievably soft garment.

The result? Colorful tees that require no dying process, provide  superior comfort, long lasting durability and quick drying performance that tread lightly on Mother Earth.

Try earthspun® apparel and feel the difference!


Valentine’s Day Gifts: Cheap, Last-Minute Ideas That Are Green(ish)

This Valentine’s Day, MantraMeds encourages you to get creative and go green. Since the mind tends to clam up under pressure, here are some refreshing ideas to get your juices flowing! Here’s an article with some very interesting gestures that are thoughtful, easy, affordable, and GREEN! Although we wouldn’t recommend going out today and buying a pet for your loved one (idea no. 8), we do like the idea of signing up for classes (idea no. 9). Whether it’s salsa dancing or wine tasting, what better way to grow closer this February than to learn a new trade with your significant other! Read on…

Lost your calendar with “Valentine’s Day” circled in red sharpie? Forgot that February 14 signifies more than just the middle marker of a really short, cold month?

It’s that time of year again, and the day is upon us that makes single people cringe and couples sweat. If you’re one of the latter, have no fear. There’s still time to get a meaningful, inexpensive, and relatively eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone.

An estimated one billion Valentine’s Day cards will be purchased this year — which means that just under the estimated one billion will ultimately wind up in the trash. Over 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold along with over a hundred million roses. It’s time to cut down on the waste and the cost of Valentine’s Day.

We’ve got some old tips from years past, some new tips, some borrowed tips … but nothing that’ll make your loved one feel blue, because these are all green(ish).

Read full article here:

Lack of Eco-Clothing Hampers Sales

Consumers would increase sustainable apparel purchasing if only they could find it, according to a survey by Ryan Partnership Chicago and Mambo Sprouts Marketing.

Some 69 percent of consumers considered sustainability at least sometimes when purchasing clothing in 2011 and shoppers intend to double their eco-apparel purchases this year, according to the 2012 Styling Sustainability survey.

But access to green apparel is hampering take-up. A third of consumers who don’t regularly consider sustainability in their apparel purchases said sustainable clothing wasn’t available where they shop. About one in four said they didn’t even know where to purchase sustainable clothing, according to the survey.

When shoppers do buy sustainable clothing, 57 percent said they became aware of eco-attributes through product tags, while 37 percent credited in-store information. Some 61 percent of shoppers expressed interest in an apparel sustainability rating or index.

Read full article here:

Valentine’s Day Gifts That Give Back

by 02/08/12

rose, roses, red, red roses, flowers, bouquet, Valentine's, Valentine's DayShow your Valentine (and the planet) a little love by choosing a gift that gives back. Photo: Flickr/Valdiney Pimenta

As you’re browsing the Web for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift this week, why not choose a gift that gives back? Here are three fun ways to help the environment and your community while showing your honey you care.

Read full article here:

❤ ❤ ❤ Share the Scrub Love! ❤ ❤ ❤ Valentine’s Day Sale! ❤ ❤ ❤

All pink and purple MantraMeds scrubs are on sale now through Feb 14! Go to


MantraMeds Site has NEW FEATURES! Part 1: Fit Guide

The MantraMeds website has some exciting new features to make shopping online that much easier. With additions like a new fit guide and videos of our model sporting each scrub, you’ll feel like you’re in a store trying our scrubs on!

Fit Guide:

To assist you in choosing the right size the 1st time we have created the Mantrameds Sizing Guide.  Choose the style you like and find the fit type description (this is listed in the product description). Now refer to the fit guide drawings and descriptions to make sure you will like the garment’s fit.  You can customize the fit to your personal preference easily by sizing up or down.

Read more for examples and pictures!



MantraMeds‘ Colorado and South Carolina teams are getting together this week to discuss exciting happenings for our sustainable scrub brand! A few things to look forward to: new tops, new colors, more pockets, and better fit! We always welcome suggestions from the public. Respond to this blog or write on our Facebook page with any ideas you may have for this Made in USA, eco-friendly scrub brand!

New Years Resolution – programs that give back

In 2012, MantraMeds is encouraging you to support programs that give back. Here’s an idea – check and see if your alma matter has a student group for environmentalists. See what you can do to support these bright young adults. Below is a picture of Students for Environmental Action at Clemson University, the alma matter of a few of us here at MantraMeds. Check out Clemson’s SEA on Facebook!  Search for similar groups at YOUR alma matter at

New Years Resolution – programs that give back

This New Year, MantraMeds is encouraging you to go out and become a part of local programs that are giving back to the community. Upstate Horticulture is hosting a program for kids to become master gardeners! What a cool way to pass on valuable knowledge to your kids. Help the next generation be green and more self-sufficient! Go sustainability!!!

Follow Upstate Horticulture: Clemson Extension on Facebook!


What are you doing New Years Eve?

How about buying a new pair of MantraMeds Sustainable Scrubs?!?

My Energy-Saving Resolution Contest

Speaking of sustainable New Years Resolutions, here’s a fun way to announce yours to the world!

Tell us how you resolve to save energy in 2012.

Go to the contest on the Better World Energy Facebook Page and submit a sentence (or sentences) that begins with “I resolve to” and follows with what you will do to save energy and shrink your carbon footprint.

For example: I resolve to change ten light bulbs to CFLs and always turn off the lights when I leave the room!

Then, share your resolution and vote for your favorite entry. The entry that receives the most votes by February 7, 2012 wins! Two additional winners will be selected by Better World Energy judges based on innovation, effectiveness, and usefulness to others.  The creator of each winning entry will receive a carbon offset for the annual emissions of an average vehicle, a $75 value. You do your part, and we’ll do ours!

New customer survey

Help us become a better scrub company in 2012 by filling out this survey on! If you’ve ever tried on a pair of MantraMeds scrubs, please go to this link and answer our short survey.

New Year’s Resolution

New Years resolutions have a tendency to be self-centered… lose 10 lbs, limit visits to the local yogurt shop to once a month, cut down on your seasonal lattes at $5 a pop… This year, MantraMeds Sustainable Medical Apparel is encouraging you to make a resolution to get involved in the positive movements in your community! Thanks to the power of social media, it has never been easier to find out about wellness groups, cycling clubs, green teams, garden clubs, big brother programs, etc. in your area. You don’ thave to spend big dollars on a gym membership for this resolution! All most of these groups ask for is your time. We know time is money, but we believe giving back to your community is invaluble.

How do you find these groups? Start with Facebook! Most cities or towns have at least one page for official events. One of the MantraMeds offices is located in Greenville, SC. Downtown Greenville, SC has its own Facebook page. To find related sites, scroll down to this page’s “Likes” column on the left hand side. These are facebook pages of companies or groups that Downtown Greenville (or your hometown page) supports. See if you are interested in any of these groups. Ours links us to cycling clubs, hiking groups, wellness initiatives, teams that clean up our local trails, etc.

This week, we’ll be posting about some of the groups in our local community who are giving back. Use social media to your advantage and search for the initiative that fits YOU!

One of the offices for MantraMeds Sustainable Medical Apparel is in Greenville, SC. Here’s an excerpt from Downtown Greenville’s Facebook Page with some fun ideas to brighten up your post-holiday Monday blues.

I know it’s Monday…but it’s the FIRST Monday of 2012! Some of you may be taking the day off & others are at work, but where ever you are today, take a little time to head Downtown for a little Monday Music & Mayhem! Have Fun, Be Safe!

Downtown Greenville, SC

Monday for Your Brainiacs, Art Lovers & Sports Fans…

■Capital One Bowl: Carolina vs Nebraska@ Sky Sports Bar,Sharkey’s Pub, Carolina Ale House, Ford’s Oyster House, On The Roxx, City Tavern, Corner Pocket, Park Avenue Pub, Wild Wing Café

■Name That Tune Trivia@City Tavern, 8:30PM

■Trivia w/ Blake@Wild Wing Cafe

■Select works by Regional Artists@ Village Artist Gallery &Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville

Monday Mischief, Music & Mayhem……

■Monday Night Revival@Horizon Records, 8PM

■Musicians’ Open Mic Nite@Smiley’s Acoustic Cafe (6:30PM) & The Channel (7PM)

■No Expectations Comedy Open Mic@Coffee Underground, 8PM Events may be changed, delayed, rescheduled or cancelled without notice – contact venue for details. For more Monday Mania, check the “Notes” section for a list of Downtown Happy Hours, Ladies Nights & More. If you’ve had too much of a Monday Funday, please take a cab home.

Here’s to the start of a Great Week! Have Fun & Be Safe!

The Key to Cold Prevention: Food, Wine & Merriment?

Written by Jessica Reeder

pizza party

A miserable winter cold can prevent you from doing all the things you love: going out with friends, enjoying the outdoors, getting intimate with that certain someone… Lucky for you, those same activities can actually keep a cold from surfacing in the first place. In fact, there are plenty of ways to ward off sickness that might seem more like plain old fun. Here are a few:


5 Ways to Throw a Bumpin’ DIY New Year’s Eve Party

Written by Abbie Stutzer

NYE party

Perhaps 2011 was filled with a lot of ho-hums and not so many ho, ho, hos. However, one brilliantly bright spot of 2011 was the increasing popularity of DIY culture. Making do with odds and ends has – and will most likely continue to be – a fine, emerging art. Celebrate the resurgence (and help the movement gain popularity) of the do-it-yourself atmosphere and celebrate 2012 at home with your best buds and loved ones at a DIY New Year’s Eve Party. After all, who really wants to drive to an overblown, booze-infused party that’s way overpriced (and probably has a carbon footprint the size of Montana)?

Drink up Sustainably

Toast to a healthy and sustainable New Year by serving eco wine, beer and herb-infused cocktails. The following articles contain information about sustainable wine and winter cocktails. Also, learn about the joys of champagne, the beverage that pretty much owns New Year’s Eve.

Read all tips at:

A merry and modern Christmas

Environmentalism, digital world give traditions a tweak

Christmas is steeped in tradition, but that doesn’t mean the merry season can’t feel modern.
With the digital revolution, green sensibilities and ever-evolving styles of the 21st century, traditions take on a new vibe.
“We live in a different world,” says Gerald Smith, professor of religion and environmental studies at Sewanee: The University of the South. “We can sing ‘Over the river and through the woods’ all we want, but most of us live in a digital world; high-tech things are a part of our life, and what we are doing is pulling Christmas traditions in that direction.

Read full article at:

Earth 350: The First Global Climate Change Art Show


EARTH collaborates with creatives to transform the human rights and environmental issues connected to climate change into powerful art that gets people to stop, think and act.

In 2010, launched EARTH, the world’s first ever global satellite art project. In over 16 places around the world, the public collaborated with artists to create art so large it could be photographed from space.

The art pieces highlighted a local climate change issue or solution.

350 EarthPhoto: Marvin del Cid

View slideshow pictures with details here:

Find out more about Earth 350 at:

Green Tips: Green Bedding For an Unusual Holiday Gift

Need an unusual and green holiday gift idea? Consider giving organic or natural fiber sheets and blankets.

Introduce your family and friends to a healthier, cozier night’s sleep with natural fiber sheets and blankets.  While you are at it, get some for yourself – you won’t believe the difference!


Read full article here:

Click here for more information about “Greening your Bedroom”.

Information compiled from, and Green Living by the editors of The Environmental Magazine.

For more green tips, visit


MantraMeds Site Has a New Look!

If you go to and click the “Shop” tab, you’ll see our page has taken on a new look! We have taken on a new shop portal so you can find your way around our site and so we can make quick changes if there are ever any glitches. Go to our site and take a look around! If you have any feedback for us, send us an email at


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