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Clemson RecycleMania Video in the News!

Clemson University recycling video selected for national competition

By Taylor Reeves

CLEMSON — A video created by Clemson University Recycling Services and Video Production Services for this year’s RecycleMania competition has garnered national attention as one of the top 10 videos among universities across the country.

The short film, titled “The Spirit of Recycling at Clemson,” was recognized out of 30 submitted Youtube videos as one of the 10 best in the nation. To win the overall RecycleMania video contest, it must receive more “likes” on Youtube than any other top 10 video.

“We are so honored to be included in this year’s RecycleMania video contest. The video is a really fun and easy way to raise some awareness and support for our recycling program,” said Kate Ripley, promotions intern for Recycling Services.

The video competition runs through Monday, March 26, and people can vote for Clemson’s video at thisYouTube address and clicking “like.”

RecycleMania is an annual competition among more than 600 universities nationwide to recycle as much material as possible over a five-week period. Last year, Clemson finished second in the ACC behind the University of Maryland.

Clemson University in Top 10 for Recyclemania Video Contest!

Clemson University posted the big news on Facebook today… Clemson Recycles’ RecycleMania video entry is in the top 10 for the entire contest! Help them become number one! Go to and “like” the video on the YouTube page.


How can Clemson students live sustainably while honoring an essential football tradition? TRAILGATING

Clemson students are working to reduce their carbon footprint during tailgating activities at Clemson athletic events. And they want others to join the movement.

Laura Good
Creative Services

The tailgating culture at Clemson is huge. Families and friends gather around the trunk of their cars sharing food, playing games and sporting orange — it’s the image of the traditional Clemson football season. But behind this image, a Creative Inquiry team made up of civil engineers and architecture majors saw a problem. Thousands of cars make their way to Death Valley, trash litters the parking lot and football fans end up consuming a lot more energy than they realize. These students saw the problem and found a solution: trailgating.

The concept of “trailgating” is to reduce the carbon footprint of Clemson students and fans while maintaining the traditions associated with school pride and sporting events. During last season’s homecoming game against Boston College, the Creative Inquiry (undergraduate research) team introduced their sustainable and sufficient trailgate. It is a foldout trailer, transported by bike, that includes everything a Clemson tailgater needs — a cooler, grill, table and chairs. But it uses no gas, wastes little energy and takes up a lot less space in the parking lot. The team is currently designing a larger unit to accommodate up to six families.

Carlie Metzger, a member of the Creative Inquiry team, said, “We are trying to encourage Clemson students, alumni and fans to tailgate in a more sustainable manner.”

Said Metzger, “People don’t realize that when everyone starts living sustainably, the impact can be huge.”

Solid Green Presents Dirty Jobs!

Solid Green, a student group at Clemson University that promotes sustainability, is hosting Dirty Jobs – an event dedicated educating students about recycling on Clemson’s campus. Students who participate will receive a “Peace, Love, Recycling” recycled earthspun t-shirt! Get involved at your alma mater to help support groups like this one.

Student Groups for Sustainability

A few of us here at MantraMeds are Clemson University Alumni. Clemson has several student groups dedicated to sustainability. Check them out on Facebook to support their initiatives or to get similar groups started at your alma mater!

Clemson Recycles – Our mission is to promote recycling through coordination and sponsoring events to raise awareness about recycling at Clemson University and in the community. Like Clemson Recycles on facebook!

Solid Green – The mission of the Solid Green Club (SGC) is to function as an active extension of the Clemson University Solid Green Committee (SG) by bringing about a heightened awareness of environmental issues, promoting a “Green Clemson” community and coordinating and sponsoring educational and service activities that further the community’s commitment to a more sustainable environment.  Like Solid Green on Facebook!

Students for Environmental Action -Mission is to promote sustainability through advocacy, education, and funding projects that address environmentalism. Like Students for Environmental Action on Facebook!

RecycleMania Video!

Clemson University’s RecycleMania 2012 Video Entry is finally here!!!

Click the image below or the URL beneath the image to view Clemson’s entry

Click this link to view the video for Clemson University:

New Years Resolution – programs that give back

In 2012, MantraMeds is encouraging you to support programs that give back. Here’s an idea – check and see if your alma matter has a student group for environmentalists. See what you can do to support these bright young adults. Below is a picture of Students for Environmental Action at Clemson University, the alma matter of a few of us here at MantraMeds. Check out Clemson’s SEA on Facebook!  Search for similar groups at YOUR alma matter at

Clemson Recycles’ Facebook page has found an intriguing blog about living simply – Discardia! With its three key principles and numerous practical tips, Discardia—a new holiday—helps you carve away the nonsense of physical objects, habits, or emotional baggage, and uncover what brings you joy.

Their motto: Make room for awesomeness!

My Photo
Discardia founder Dinah in a “Stop not being Awesome” hoodie. Photo by Robin Andersen.

The top article promotes cleaning up after the holidays and includes some great tips. Check it out! Follow their blog, their tweets or read the book!




New Years Resolution – programs that give back

This New Year, MantraMeds is encouraging you to go out and become a part of local programs that are giving back to the community. Upstate Horticulture is hosting a program for kids to become master gardeners! What a cool way to pass on valuable knowledge to your kids. Help the next generation be green and more self-sufficient! Go sustainability!!!

Follow Upstate Horticulture: Clemson Extension on Facebook!


Save the Date! Recyclemania

Go to Clemson Recycles’ Facebook page to find updates about their RecycleMania entry! Click here:

Read more about Recyclemania:

Sneak Preview of Clemson’s RecycleMania Video

See behind the seen shots of our Recyclemania commerical in the making! To be released January 2012!


View entire album here:

Like Clemson Recycles group on Facebook!

Clemson Participating in Recyclemania

The MantraMeds team from South Carolina are Clemson University alumni, and we couldn’t be more proud of our alma matter for participating in RecycleMania this spring!

via Clemson Recycles: Get excited about Recyclemania! We have some great ideas brewing like a Recycled Art Contest, Movie Screening and Recycling Competitions. Learn about upcoming events here or at CU Recycling’s website :

Follow Clemson Recycles on Facebook! 

We at MantraMeds ask you to encourage your alma matter to sign up for RecycleMania! Registration is open until January 20, 2012

A fan ritual for big games: A Clemson tiger paw on $2 bills

If you’ve read this blog before, you may know that a couple of members of team MantraMeds are Clemson alumni. The mighty fighting Clemson Tigers play in the Orange bowl tonight at 8:30pm EST

Luke Sharrett for The New York Times
By  and 

ATLANTA — As far as ridiculous college football traditions go, stamping a $2 bill with an orange Clemson tiger paw is pretty benign… But in South Carolina, students and alumni settle for buying up most of the $2 bills in town and stamping them with tiger paws.

The ritual is especially important when there is a big away game, like the Orange Bowl against the West Virginia Mountaineers on Wednesday in Miami. By spending stamped $2 bills with abandon, many of the 10,000 or so Clemson fans headed to Florida believe they will make a statement about Tiger pride.

What that statement might be is unclear to cabdrivers and clerks who have to contend with a denomination that makes up less than 1 percent of the bills in circulation, but it means something back in a state that loves tradition.

“It’s a Clemson calling card,” said Wil Brasington, 33, senior director of alumni relations and member of the class of 2000. “The idea is, we’re bringing an economic boost to any community the Clemson Tigers are playing in.”

Read more about this tradition at:

Via Clemson World Magazine – check them out on Facebook

Thanksgiving & Christmas Cacti

How many of you have these awesome winter-blooming plants in your home?

Thanksgiving cactus with peach-colored blossom.
Thanksgiving cactus with peach-colored blossom.
James Blake, ©2011 HGIC, Clemson Extension

Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter cactus are popular gift plants. Growing holiday cacti as house plants. Light, temperature, watering, fertilizer, potting soil. Insect pests, root rot, lack of flowering problems.

Read full article here:

Creative Celebration @ Clemson University

Jack Miller, one of the partners at MantraMeds Sustainable Medical Apparel, is a Clemson University Alumni. The mighty fighting Clemson tigers won the ACC Championship Saturday night, and they are headed to the Orange Bowl! Jack wasn’t the only one celebrating the big win this weekend. An anonymous tiger decorated iconic statues around the Clemson campus with oranges overnight. See photos below posted on Clemson University’s Facebook page.
TGC Statue in front of Tillman Hall covered in oranges to celebrate Clemson’s football team winning the ACC Championship and receiving a birth to the Orange Bowl. Craig Mahaffey – Clemson University

 Tiger statue at the Scroll of Honor memorial “eats” an orange in celebration of Clemson’s football team winning the ACC Championship and receiving a birth to the Orange Bowl. Craig Mahaffey – Clemson University
Tiger statue in front of Littlejohn Coliseum “eats” an orange in celebration of Clemson’s football team winning the ACC Championship and receiving a birth to the Orange Bowl. Craig Mahaffey – Clemson University
Photos of oranges were found across campus in celebration of Clemson’s football team winning the ACC Championship and receiving a birth to the Orange Bowl. | Craig Mahaffey – Clemson University


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