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In Search of the Mythical Creature That Wears Organic Cotton And Recycled Plastic Bottles!

As you know, as few weeks ago we sent out our daring special investigator, MantraMike to see if he could find and pierce the secret world of the cage-free doctor in his natural habitat.

It is purportedly a creature that inhabits forests, mainly in the medial region of the United States.  A majority of scientists discount the existence of the cage-free lifestyle in the modern world and consider it to be a combination of folklore, misidentification, and hoax rather than a legitimate profession, in part because some estimate the large numbers necessary to maintain a caring and responsible health care provider population.

A small minority of accredited researchers such as the esteemed Jerry Wheeler and Professor Jack Miller have expressed interest and possible belief that the creature truly does exist. They even go so far as to say they wear nothing except organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles!

Nevertheless, the cage-free lifestyle remains one of the more famous and controversial examples of a mystery within the health care field.  Truly fascinating…and enduring.. and sustainable…


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