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National Nurses week: Why I Became a Nurse

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Care Solutions will be celebrating the spirit of nursing, acknowledging the tireless efforts of these vital health care professionals on May 17. National Nurses Week is set aside to celebrate in May the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

The breadth of direction a nurse’s career may take are many, direct nursing care, health education, research, business and public policy are varied. With an estimated 7 million registered nurses in the United States, chances are your life has been touched by a nurse. Care Solutions is fortunate to have four nurses on staff. We will share with you the comments from our nurses on why they chose nursing and what nursing means to them. You will easily see why nurses are the heart of Care Solutions.

Anzie Horn, RN, bachelor of science in nursing: As a little girl, people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I would say, “I want to be a nurse.” Then when I became old enough that I had to make that decision, my future mother-in-law, who was also a nurse, encouraged me to pursue nursing. She said as a nurse, you have so many options and different paths that you can take, and you have the ability to care for your family as well. I did become a nurse, a profession that has been so fulfilling and rewarding to me.

As a nurse, you have the opportunity to make such a difference for your patients and their families. Comfort, reassurance and trust are some of the greatest treasures that a nurse can offer. Nursing has afforded me the opportunity to work the shifts that I needed while being a wife, mother and a caregiver for my grandmother. As our children grew into adults, I was blessed to be able to use the knowledge that I had obtained over the years to assisting caregivers and individuals in the community. My passion for “helping” only grows stronger. It is the greatest feeling in the world to know that you have made a difference. Nursing provides many challenges, and as a nurse, you wear many hats, but rest assured, you are never bored!

Jennifer Williams, RN: I chose nursing because it is such a rewarding field. Caring, helping others and making a difference provide such gratification for me.

Cindy Cook, RN: I originally did not choose nursing as a profession but instead became a teacher. After teaching for six years, nursing chose me. I felt, and still feel, a calling to serve people and to do what I can to make their lives a little better. God knew what he was doing all along when situations in my life made it clear that I was to re-evaluate my priorities and decide whether I would follow or not. I thank God that I did follow and that I am able to live a dream with this nursing career.

Debi Curry, RN: God does indeed work in mysterious ways. I don’t think I chose nursing, I think nursing chose me. After several years of soul searching and prayer, the call to nursing was my “Ah-ha” moment. From that point on, doors began to open and I never looked back. Being a nurse out in the community has given me opportunities to witness healing, share joy and grief, comfort others, ease pain and offer encouragement to others. In return, I have been comforted, encouraged and blessed beyond measure by those I care for and their families.

This month, find a way to recognize your favorite nurse or just say a simple, “thank you” to any of the dedicated professionals who are daily making a difference in the lives of so many. Thank you, Anzie, Jennifer, Cindy and Debi for a job well done.

Jane Wright

Administrative community outreach specialist with Care Solutions, a care management service in Shelby

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