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Divemex Receives Fourth Sustainability Award

VANCOUVER, B.C. — Leading greenhouse cucumber and pepper grower Divemex, SA of Guadalajara, Mexico has received its fourth consecutive Socially Responsible Enterprise Award from the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI).

“This award illustrates Divemex’s commitment to doing what is best for our stakeholders just because ‘we love what we do’ and want to do it better each time,” said Jaime Tamayo, Divemex’s operations director.

As a recognized champion of socially progressive business practices, Divemex is one of 67 companies in Mexico to receive the award for four consecutive years. Honorees are selected by the CEMEFI based on four areas: business ethics, employees’ quality of life in the company, care of the environment and contributions to the community.

“Divemex continues to demonstrate tremendous respect for both its employees and the surrounding communities,” said Aaron Quon, greenhouse category director for The Oppenheimer Group, based in Vancouver, B.C. “We’d like to congratulate them on receiving this award and feel it is very well-deserved.”

The award follows Divemex’s recent announcement that they are now the only farm of its size to achieve Fair Trade certification in Mexico.

“This is going to bring about more positive change to a lot of workers,” said Quon. “It will also demonstrate the ways in which agriculture in Mexico is improving.”

Free dental care, on-site weekly medical services, and full paid vacation benefits are just a few examples of how Divemex puts worker welfare at the forefront. The grower ensures pregnant women receive benefits for medical care before and after childbirth, and provides health care educational programs to employees and on-site childcare facilities.

In 2010, Divemex was recognized as an Agricultural Company Free of Child Labor by the Secretary of Labor and Social Security in Mexico. By ensuring children’s rights are protected, and that they receive adequate education and healthcare, Divemex not only improves their overall quality of life, but helps shape the future of agriculture in Mexico.

The grower has also been commended for their environmental practices, including recycling programs which involve paper, plastic, batteries – and more importantly – water conservation. Agriculture consumes mass quantities of Mexico’s water supply, and Divemex has implemented a program that will oversee the development of nearly 20 new activities that will help save and best use water.

“Divemex has always been known for producing a quality product,” said Quon. “The grower puts the same level of care into the environment, and into improving the quality of life for the 800 families involved in bringing the product to market.”

Divemex colored bell peppers, mini peppers, and cucumbers are available in North America from the Vancouver, B.C.-based Oppenheimer Group.

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  1. Sandy

    Glad that more students are learning the value of recycling and protecting the environment. Which reminds me of a school where the students won $100000 as a reward for recycling. Learned about it through this video.

    May 29, 2011 at 12:16 pm

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