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Shop Organically Online, Pick Up Downtown

The Cotton Mill Deli and Local Food Stop join forces to offer Woodstock residents healthy, organic food choices.

By Jeannie Caryn

Community Supported Agriculture Program has now made it easier for Woodstock residents to order organically grown food from the comfort of their homes and pick it up in their own backyard.


Local Food Stop is working with the Cotton Mill Deli to make it possible to shop farm-fresh food online and pick it up on Main Street in Downtown Woodstock.

Deli owner, Jake Marler, said he likes the idea of bringing organic food to the community and feels confident in working with such a knowledgeable CSA Coordinator, Annmarie Laramee.

“Our No. 1 mission is to support local farms which try to grow foods free of pesticides, herbicides and neurotoxins, which have links to Autism and other childhood disorders,” Laramee said.

Laramee also said her hope is to educate people and provide easy access to healthy, fresh, organic foods.

“You would need to travel to three or more stores and a farmer’s market to find the selection of organic produce we offer in our weekly CSA bags. And on average, you would pay up to 20 to 25 percent more elsewhere,” says the website of Local Food Stops.

Marler, who has now incorporated the Local Food Stop organic berries in his blended coffee drinks and said he hopes to add a weekly CSA recipe special in the near future, said the business venture has been a positive experience for the Cotton Mill Deli and Local Food Stop already.

“We have new customers due to their orders,” he said.

Deli customers are learning about what a CSA can offer, and CSA customers are finding their way to the deli for the first time, ordering food when they pick up their bags.

Laramee agreed because within two weeks of working with the deli the Woodstock Local Food Stop participants doubled.

The Local Food Stop CSA was overflowing with requests for service in the Woodstock area after they were featured in the April 2011 issue of Northside Woman Magazine, and they decided to add the Cotton Mill location for delivery and pick up.  Other local locations include Roswell, Alpharetta and John’s Creek.

“I selected the Cotton Mill Deli because it is charming and offers a good fit for what we are doing,” Laramee said. “The owners are reaching out to the community and offering their customers an option for a healthy lifestyle and can feel really good about that.”

A Local Food Stop CSA bag will include, by customer order, a selection of seasonally available fruits and vegetables, all of which are grown on local and regional farms and are USA-Grown and Certified Organic or Certified Naturally Grown.

Using the Local Food Stop website and weekly updated listing of products, shoppers may select from a wide range of available foods and create the size and content of the “bag(s)” they wish for their consumption. A variety of lettuces, onions, mustard greens, beets, squash, zucchini, blueberries and strawberries are currently in season.

The Local Food Stop website also provides a wealth of information for patrons, including a menu of weekly foods available, other delivery locations, and easy-to-follow recipes, as well as information on local farms and current research regarding organic foods.

Additionally, those who sign up on the website may opt to receive a weekly newsletter and stay connected with issues pertaining to local farmers and ways to improve their lives with a healthy food source.

Unlike other CSA organizations, which require membership and payment up front for an unpredictable season and delivery of foods, Local Food Stop acts differently.

“We wanted to take the risk out of it for our consumers so they could order what they want based on what is available,” Laramee said.

Acting as a host site, the Cotton Mill Deli does not sell CSA products, but deli owners, who just received city approval for adding beer selections to their menu, are excited and optimistic about the future of including CSA products and recipes in their menu and enjoy providing their customers with an opportunity for a healthy food source alternative. Moving forward, the deli owners will also apply for a wine license to enhance their offerings.

Orders placed with Local Food Stop by the posted deadline will be delivered to the deli on Thursday between noon and 5 p.m. for pick up. Visit the Local Food Stop website for further details.


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