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Farmville Online Agriculture Degrees and a Free Tractor

Mark Whysall


Can the time you spend on Farmville be applied to online agriculture degrees?  No, absolutely not, but for some players of Farmville, their interest in farming as a diversion can easily be transferred to an actual degree by selecting any of the online agriculture degrees that are now available; free tractor not included.

Free Tractor

The organic food industry is growing at an incredible rate for the past ten years.  As more consumers include organic foods into their diet, the more producers that switch over to organic farming techniques.  This shift in growing techniques and consumer interest is creating a pocket for job growth in the agriculture industry.

Online Agriculture Degrees

Students of online agriculture degrees are preparing themselves for positions within the organic agriculture industry and are even training to establish their own organic farms.  Other jobs are also being created within government agencies as well as in the private, non-profit sector.

More information about employment statistics in this growing field can be obtained at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, specifically here at this link :

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