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2011’s shoe trends – Clogs and kittlen heels

A Cat in a clog, in a clog shop in Amsterdam

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Clogs and kitten heels appear to be the biggest shoe trends of 2011, in fact both of these styles of shoe first made an appearance on the 2010 catwalks and are still going strong for 2011. They are therefore definite investments for the new season, as elements from each can be used again and again in future seasons.

Clogs generally come in the shape of clunky and chunky wooden styled shoes, which may not sound like the most dainty or glamorous of footwear but is however making a big impact on today’s trends. The clog in fact reached new heights in 2010 and every fashionista left, right and centre wanted to invest in the all-new chunky heel. The brass-studded styles are the ones that have lived on into 2011 and proving to be still somewhat influential on this year’s catwalks.

The largest style inspiration for this trend has come from the Swedish, who first invented the clog shoe, complete with a wooden sole and leather upper. Designers have taken the overall shape of the original clog shoe and accessorised it with stud embellishments in order to create a contemporary version of the original.

Kitten heels are also a must this season and are a great alternative to super high heels, especially if you are planning on being on your feet all day! However, this season’s kitten heel is somewhat controversial in style and takes influences from both the 50’s and 60’s.

This season’s favourites are dainty, pointed and either completely minimal in style or over the top and retro-inspired. Kitten heeled sandals are also a great option for the summer months and are just that little bit more dressy than your average flats. On a colder day wear with chunky knit socks or block coloured opaque tights!

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