Innovative and Sustainable Scrubs and Apparel

MantraMeds Introduces the MantraMeds Market – Sale on Now!

Mantrameds Market

Introducing the MantraMeds Market, our version of an online Farmer’s Market, where you’ll find all sorts organic, recycled and sustainable apparel and products for the conscious healthcare professional.

Our commitment to you is the products we carry as well as our commitment to the planet. Sustainable products do cost more to produce than some large brand-name products, but every product is sustainable, so you are investing in yourself and the future.

Selling a more expensive product is worth it to us to protect our planet, and if you’re reading this, you’re the type of person who will pay a little more for apparel and products that save energy, doesn’t pollute and is made from recycled and organic materials.

We also rely heavily on word-of-mouth, social media and Internet sales to drive our marketing communications to create a community of like-minded folks.

Who would ever think to reuse could be cool?

We felt it our honest responsibility and genuine commitment to you to bring the lifestyle choices you asked for into everyday healthcare apparel and products.  The MantraMeds Market isn’t your typical online portal. We’re an innovative and sustainable online community that provides only “good for the planet” products.

We are passionate about protecting the world.  Every day we source apparel and products that are committed to:

  • Reducing waste and save energy
  • Using recycled and discarded materials
  • Eliminating toxic pesticides, protecting our water supply and shrinking unhealthy farming practices.
  • Using only certified Texas organic cotton.
  • Practicing sustainability
  • Sustainable business practices.
  • Building our economy, creating jobs, and fostering community.
  • Being manufactured entirely in the U.S.A., decreasing our carbon footprint, and protecting American jobs.
  • Educating the healthcare industry
  • Significantly shaping institutional policy by working with hospital green teams
  • Being innovative, fashionable, cool and most of all sustainable.

See the New MantraMeds Market and our sale going on now on organic scrubs!


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