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New Line of Organic Dog Apparel and Accessories Integrates One-of-a-Kind Safety Technology

MONTREAL, May 24, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Montreal-based LuvGear has teamed up with PETCO to introduce a revolutionary new line of organic apparel and accessories for dogs designed to help protect them from the dangers of heat. Planet PETCO™ apparel with LuvGear Technology will be introduced for the first time on May 24, 2011 as part of the recently launched Planet PETCO line of earth-conscious lifestyle and care products that encourage sustainability. TempAlert is designed to warn pet parents when the external temperatures are reaching levels that may be harmful or even fatal to a dog.

Here’s how it works: The “alert” icons are sewn directly onto the clothing or material and serve as a visible warning sign when the temperature reaches a dangerous level for a dog to be outside. In normal conditions, the alert patch displays a dark blue/purple thermometer.  When the outside temperatures reach approximately 100 degrees (F), the blue/purple color in the thermometer disappears, revealing an “ALERT” which warns the owner to take the necessary steps to protect their pet from heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

“The LuvGear TempAlert Technology is adding an entirely new dynamic to pet apparel and products,” LuvGear CEO Neil Miller said.  “As a dog owner, I understand a dog’s body reacts very differently to the heat than a human’s body.  In order to make sure pet parents can easily monitor their dog’s health when it’s hot outside, we have developed a simple warning system, built into pet gear that alerts owners of potential dangers.”

The Planet PETCO line with LuvGear Technology will be carried in 800 PETCO stores in the United States. The line includes tank tops, dresses, harnesses and paw protectors ranging in size from XX-Small to Large.

TempAlert is designed to give pet parents a warning before the temperature level becomes dangerous, changing the color of the icon at 100 degrees (F).  When the exterior temperature rises to 105 or 106 degrees, dogs are at risk for developing heat  “undefined” exhaustion. If their body temperature rises to 107 degrees, they enter the danger zone of heat stroke.

The Planet PETCO line includes environmentally and socially responsible pet products that include toys, grooming, home products and accessories that are stylish, affordable, healthy and non-toxic. Planet PETCO also has the wise investor in mind because sometimes the most important place to see some green is in your wallet. The line is conveniently available at your local PETCO location and at

While the Planet PETCO apparel with TempAlert LuvGear Technology can be used to monitor unsafe temperatures; PETCO and LuvGear also recommends pet parents take the following steps to help prevent heat-related injury to their animal friends:

Keep pets in well ventilated areas
Exercise dogs early in the morning or late in the evening (the coolest times of the day).
Minimize exercise in hot weather.
Do not leave your pet in a car.
Limit sun exposure during the mid-day hours.
Provide plenty of fresh, cool water, and leave the water in a shady area.
For a sudden high temperature change – allow your pet to acclimate.

For more information on LuvGear and their full line of safety alerts, visit

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