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Supplements and sneezing – for pets

Dear Dr. Forsythe: Are there any supplements that you recommend for pets? My dog just seems to have less energy lately and after the vet ran every test he could, we decided a good vitamin or supplement might be all he really needs. What do you think would be helpful? Sign me – The simpler the better

Dear Simpler: There are several standard vitamins and supplements available at veterinary offices and on-line that veterinarians have recommended for years. Vitamins such as PetTabs and HiVite drops work quite well, and another supplement which helps improve the coat quality is omega 3/6 fatty acids. In addition, there are a variety of shark cartilage/ chondroitins that are available in various tablet forms which can also help fight the effects of arthritis in pets.

There is also a supplement available called Protandim which is clinically proven to reduce Free Radical Damage in both people and pets. You may be interested in knowing more about Protandim because it sounds like it may do just what you are asking for your pet. It is made from natural plant extracts and contains milk thistle, bacopa extract, ashwagandha root, green tea, and tumeric. These organic vegetarian ingredients act synergistically with each other to improve the pet’s immune system and vitality. Several studies support these facts, including the New England Journal of Medicine. People taking this supplement report feeling better and having more energy almost immediately. They have more focus, sleep better at night and wake up more refreshed than before they started taking Protandim. Although this supplement was originally designed for use in humans, people quickly began using it with pets to see if it would make a difference. And according to many pet owners, their animals have responded quite well.

The feedback I’ve gotten from people I know who have used it on their pets is that their dogs seem to have increased energy while chronic debilitating issues are remedied and, in some cases, greatly alleviated by the supplement. While the ingredients in Protandim may each be simple and natural alone, it is the exact ratio and blending of the jungle plants that scientists believe gives the product it’s profound ability to reduce the damage done by free radicals. This is just one new bright spot where an integrative approach seems to be helping, and I am excited to hear more from colleagues and friends about the effects of this supplement.  – Dr. F

Dear Dr. Forsythe: My Cocker Spaniel was out in the field for a few minutes last night and came in sneezing violently. This only lasted for a few minutes and then she was quiet. I thought all was well until this morning, she started doing it again. This morning she sneezed for about 30 seconds straight and then it stopped again. Should I take Mitzi to the vet or do you think it is something she is sneezing out on her own? – Mitzi’s mom

Dear Mitzi’s mom: It sounds like she has something stuck up her nose given the fact that she had a sneezing episode last night and then repeated it again this morning. The most likely culprit is a foxtail, those barbed plant fronds that wriggle up dogs noses when they sniff around.  They worm their way up into the nasal passage rather quickly and get jammed up there because they have those little barbs and can’t slip back out. Often a pet will have a violent sneezing attack soon after getting one, and occasionally they WILL blow it out, but sometimes the sneezing episode simply moves the foxtail up a little further and settles it down until some hours later.

Nasal dripping and normal sinus discharge starts the “tickle” and another sneezing episode ensues. Most of the time, those annoying little foxtails need to be removed with the help of a pair of alligator forceps while your pet is snoozing. The nasal passage is a very sensitive and ticklish area, and it sounds like Mitzi needs to be seen for a nasal inspection quickly.  – Dr. F

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