Innovative and Sustainable Scrubs and Apparel

We all make choices every day.

What we eat. What we purchase. What we wear. What we drink. How much we exercise. We set lofty goals for ourselves and then spend a large part of our time striving to attain them. What takes so long to get to where we want to go is that nothing is easy. Choices have to made. Some of the choices can be very difficult to make. To eat local or eat organic? Low VOC paint or recycled paint? Where do we obtain our drinking water from? What kind of furniture should we buy? What kind of disposable goods should we use? Paper or plastic?

These decisions are not only reserved for our private lives. They are becoming increasing imbued into the fabric of our business decisions. Trying to make the right decision isn’t so easy. But we don’t just want to be right. We want to be just, as well. Our conscience no longer allows most of us to choose convenience and cost OVER quality, safety and healthfulness. But what is right is dependent of the set of criteria that one values.

Which is better? An organic tomato from Chile or a non-organic tomato from South Jersey?  If you choose the organic tomato, you have to factor the transportation and energy needed to get it here. If you choose the Jersey tomato, then you have to compromise on the use of pesticides and herbicides. Hmmmmm. Carbon footprint or organic? Obviously, the perfect choice is an organic Jersey tomato. But that is not always possible. So a choice has to be made. And we have to live with that choice at the expense of something else that we value. And we have to embrace that choice and not beat ourselves up about it- until the time when a local organic tomato is available all year round.

Just so you know, I am using this conundrum as an example of the choices that we faced and contemplated. When I say we contemplated everything, I mean we contemplated EVERYTHING.  Fare has been a restaurant in the creating. While you will hear some restauranteurs talk about how difficult it is to go through the process of opening a restaurant, you will seldom hear about the choices that were made along the way. You will see the final product. You will just see the choice. For us, though, the most interesting part of the whole process, however, WAS the process.

We have had wonderful debates (some quite heated) over the selection of material, the makeup of the menu and the breadth of the beverage program. We have spent many, many hours trying to get the proper information only to find that there are very few resources from which to get the proper information. We have even, at times, gone back to some of these same sources with the information and answers they could not provide, only to find that they didn’t really care to know anyway.

Yet, although the whole process has been a struggle AND difficult AND frustrating, the ultimate satisfaction lies in the fact that the answers are there. A lot of the choices are available. There are people out there doing some really cool things with an ecological conscientiousness. They may be small. They may even be big. But they are doing it. And we found them. Not everyone is doing everything perfectly, though, and in some cases the choices may not be great. Heck, we haven’t been perfect either. But they are trying. WE are trying. At this point, however, one thing is certain. After all this, we are more hopeful than we were before we started. You see, more people are doing things to make this a better world than we thought. They’ve inspired us to be better. They’ve validate our efforts to be better. And they’ve encouraged us to keep going forward.

This blog will be about our journey. It is one that has been two years in the making. It is one that will continue for many years to come (hopefully). We will bring to you the challenges we faced, the people who have helped us and the decisions we have made. None was easy. None was perfect. And although you may have a valid argument for why we may have made the wrong decision, we can assure you of one thing;

It will be Fare.

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