Innovative and Sustainable Scrubs and Apparel

BE tote. Check it out.

Billboard Ecology BE tote -

See the classic BE tote, made from retired Eco-Flexx(tm) advertising billboards. Dimensions are 6″ x 14″ x 15″ high, with generous handles for easy shoulder sling. Load it up! No two alike, amazing colors and patterns, a unique and green tote unlike any other.

The name is the mission:

They take retired advertising billboards, rescue them from a date with the landfill, and make them into great tote bags and other unique items. The real bonus is, when you use the tote bags to go shopping, you say “no” to paper and plastic.

If you are a school, sports team or youth group, we provide a unique and green fundraising program – selling unique eco-friendly tote bags. Outdoor advertisers, we offer a recycling program to make products from your retired billboards, providing key sustainability and green credibility.  If you are just a thoughtful person who stumbled upon our site and wants to buy an awesome billboard bag, they can do that too.

Click here for their Unique Calculator to view the funds you can raise, the materials saved from the landfill and the single-use bags eliminated:   BE cool, BE sustainable. BE made in Colorado, USA.


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