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5 Homemade Christmas Stocking Projects, Recycled Too!

5 Homemade Christmas Stocking Projects, Recycled Too!

Written by Kimberley Stakal

Organic Authority brings us this great holiday article about recycled stocking stuffers! Learn what you can make out of recycled paper, recycled mittens, recycled fabric scraps, even recycled t-shirts. How about using an Earthspun Apparel t-shirt which is made from recycled materials to make your recycled t-shirt cotton! Woah, how green-chic would you be this Christmas?


This holiday season, are you hanging your stockings from the chimney with care? If you’remaking your own stockings from recycled materials, you sure are! Get crafty with Santa this year, and surprise him with a chimney lined with handmade stockings you created yourself—and all with recycled materials from your household. Here are five fabulous tutorials for DIY stockings made from recycled materials.

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