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5 Ways to Throw a Bumpin’ DIY New Year’s Eve Party

Written by Abbie Stutzer

NYE party

Perhaps 2011 was filled with a lot of ho-hums and not so many ho, ho, hos. However, one brilliantly bright spot of 2011 was the increasing popularity of DIY culture. Making do with odds and ends has – and will most likely continue to be – a fine, emerging art. Celebrate the resurgence (and help the movement gain popularity) of the do-it-yourself atmosphere and celebrate 2012 at home with your best buds and loved ones at a DIY New Year’s Eve Party. After all, who really wants to drive to an overblown, booze-infused party that’s way overpriced (and probably has a carbon footprint the size of Montana)?

Drink up Sustainably

Toast to a healthy and sustainable New Year by serving eco wine, beer and herb-infused cocktails. The following articles contain information about sustainable wine and winter cocktails. Also, learn about the joys of champagne, the beverage that pretty much owns New Year’s Eve.

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