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New Year’s Resolution

New Years resolutions have a tendency to be self-centered… lose 10 lbs, limit visits to the local yogurt shop to once a month, cut down on your seasonal lattes at $5 a pop… This year, MantraMeds Sustainable Medical Apparel is encouraging you to make a resolution to get involved in the positive movements in your community! Thanks to the power of social media, it has never been easier to find out about wellness groups, cycling clubs, green teams, garden clubs, big brother programs, etc. in your area. You don’ thave to spend big dollars on a gym membership for this resolution! All most of these groups ask for is your time. We know time is money, but we believe giving back to your community is invaluble.

How do you find these groups? Start with Facebook! Most cities or towns have at least one page for official events. One of the MantraMeds offices is located in Greenville, SC. Downtown Greenville, SC has its own Facebook page. To find related sites, scroll down to this page’s “Likes” column on the left hand side. These are facebook pages of companies or groups that Downtown Greenville (or your hometown page) supports. See if you are interested in any of these groups. Ours links us to cycling clubs, hiking groups, wellness initiatives, teams that clean up our local trails, etc.

This week, we’ll be posting about some of the groups in our local community who are giving back. Use social media to your advantage and search for the initiative that fits YOU!


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