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London Olympics Go For Green Gold

From Mother Nature Network’s Josh Lew (via HuffPost Green)

In 2010, Vancouver set a high standard forenvironmentally friendly Olympics with sustainability initiatives launched in conjunction with the Winter Games. Now, London’s Olympic organizers have an ambitious plan to host the “first truly sustainable” games later this year. That’s a bold goal, considering all the other tasks and issues that go with being the host of the world’s highest-profile sporting event. Most athletes will have a few minutes or even a few seconds in the spotlight this summer, but London will be on camera for nearly three weeks, with the user-friendliness of its venues, basic services for visitors and event security under the media microscope.

Some of the planned green features, like a giant wind turbine, have already been scrapped, and the unforgiving British media have brought the environmental commitment of the games’ organizers into question. However, green-minded London visitors will be able to appreciate the green features that are definitely going to be a part of the 2012 Olympic experience.

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