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TOWN: Drink in these hip tees made of recycled bottles

A BIG thank you to TOWN magazine for featuring Earthspun Apparel in their latest issue!

By TOWN Staff
MARCH 29, 2012

Drink in these hip tees made of recycled bottles

Bottles have an extended shelf life—a closet shelf.     Greenville-based Earthspun Apparel found a way to make t-shirts from high-quality, ring-spun yarns produced with recycled polyester fibers, made from plastic bottles, discarded X-Ray film, and recycled cotton, to produce 100-percent-recycled apparel.

The green, brown, blue, and grey shirt colors are the actual bottle colors, not dyes, and include Soda Pop Green, Beer Bottle Brown, Water Bottle Blue, and X-Ray Grey. A black tee made from recycled food trays will be available soon.

To start the process, plastic bottles recycled by consumers are brought to local recycling centers and sorted by color. The bottles are converted into fibers that are blended with recycled cotton and spun into yarn used to create the t-shirt fabric, which feels soft and natural. One Earthspun t-shirt saves about six plastic bottles from the landfill.

The t-shirts are made of 65-percent-recycled polyester and 35-percent-recycled cotton.  “Sustainability is important to us, and the ability to eliminate production steps and use waste to create our t-shirts saves energy, conserves natural resources, and diverts waste from landfills,” says Earthspun partner Jerry Wheeler. We’ll drink to that. More information at


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