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Earth Day Energy Quiz Yields Alarming Results

President, SmartPower

Rather than telling people how to be more energy efficient this Earth Day, SmartPower decided to test consumers’ knowledge of energy efficiency with a 10-question quiz. Instead of receiving the varied results we expected, we noticed that there were some surprisingly common incorrect answers.

For example, we asked: Where do houses leak the most energy? a) windows and doors, b) ducts, c) plumbing, d) ceilings, walls and floors

Seven out of 10 people answered a) windows and doors. Only one in ten people answered correctly: d) ceilings, walls and floors.

This is alarming, as houses are an even larger source of carbon dioxide than cars — another commonly missed quiz question — making it extremely important that homeowners understand not only how muchenergy their homes are wasting, but also where they are wasting energy.

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Brian Keane is the President of SmartPower, a non-profit marketing organization funded by private foundations to help build the clean energy marketplace by helping the American public become smarter about their energy use.

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