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Typically on this blog, we focus on sustainability as it relates to the MantraMeds brand and the eco-friendly textiles we use to make our scrubs. We have touched on recycling plastics, organic cotton, hospital sustainability efforts, and customers who include our scrubs on their exciting healthcare missions.

Today, I’d like to venture to a topic that is particularly prevalent this time of year, especially in the hot & humid Carolinas where the scrub materials are made… MOSQUITOES! Due to this past mild winter, they are EVERYwhere! I don’t know about you, but I’m SICK of spraying my body with chemicals twice a day, and I just don’t trust those clip-on fans that continuously emit who-knows-what into the air around you.


Today I found a blog that introduces THREE eco-friendly alternatives to common bug repellent! 

According to this blog, “… most bug repellents found on the market contain a chemical known as DEET (diethyl toluamide), a pesticide with known toxic effects, including endocrine disruption, brain disorders, slurred speech, skin irratation, seizures and even death. Children are more susceptible to subtle brain changes caused by chemicals in their environment because their skin more readily absorbs them (up to 56% of DEET enters the bloodstream!) and their still-developing nervous systems are more potently affected.”… YIKES!




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