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Hit Ballad of a Male Nurse’s Inspiration: Raymond

It’s easy to see why this new hit is up to 1.5 million views on Youtube. Beautiful song written by an aspiring male nurse who happens to be a talented songwriter.

Click image below or go to following link to view video:

While I’m not an RN yet, I’ve been along side my mom as she’s worked in nursing homes and the home health setting before she passed away at the young age of 39. I have recently started a cna job. As a male, people are often shocked when they find I’m pursuing the nursing field. 

One day after my mother had passed away, I had been by to cut the grass of a 101 year old lady that she helped take care of. My grandmother who took over her care, needed to run to the store, asked me to feed her dinner while she left. The lady was going downhill pretty fast and hadn’t been In her right mind or speaking for weeks. All of a sudden as I’m feeding her, she grabs my hand very tightly and opens her eyes wide, and says “you’re mother would be really proud of you”. These were the only she had spoken in over 6 days. from that day, I’ve knew my calling. 

I believe this song explains my journey and hopefully some of you others can relate to.

Thanks to for sharing!


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