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This July 4, Declare Your Independence

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to go green…

Revolution is sometimes necessary, if never comfortable. Thomas Jefferson  knew this when he and his revolutionary colleagues laid out their grievances  before dissolving the bands that connected them with the King of England. We  celebrate the success of that revolution every year, and for good reason.

This Fourth of July, a couple hundred years later, there’s another revolution  afoot, with the potential to shake up the way America does business, interacts  with other nations and pursues happiness. “Green” is more than a buzzword. It’s  a path forward for a great nation seeking to produce its own energy, shore up  its security and provide sustainable prosperity for its people.

Jefferson didn’t spend a lot of ink on energy policy in the Declaration of  Independence, but a selective reading of his “indictments” against the King  almost sound like a treatise on sustainability. (At least, the whole argument  for untangling ourselves from that rotten King of England is framed as aligning  human behavior with natural law and the “powers of the earth.”)

So, this Fourth of July, start participating in the next revolution, one that  embraces good-old American ingenuity and hard work on the path toward a brighter  future for our great nation.

Read more about how to Declare Your Independence from Oil, Waste, Factory Food, & Suspect Chemicals:


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