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Animals love Environmentally Friendly MantraMeds Scrubs!

Animals love our environmentally friendly MantraMeds scrubs! Thank you veterinarian Christy B. for sending in this picture! Christy is a MantraMeds Insider. Read more about the Insider Program below!

So, what is the Mantrameds Insider Program?

If you love our product the way we think you will, you’ll pass on the word!  It’s pretty simple.  The program is our way of saying thanks and asking for your help at the same time.  

As a Mantrameds Insider you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • 30% Personal Use Discount
  • Personalized Welcome Packet
  • Free Scrub Top or Bottom Annually
  • “Scrub Love” Cards To Introduce Your Friends To Mantrameds At A 30% Discount – (Recipients must be a new customer to be eligible)
  • Participation in the Product Design And Review Process
  • Ability To Host Your Own Income Generating Scrub Sale
  • Fun SWAG for you and your friends
  • Advanced ordering for new styles and colors

Sounds great, what do I need to do?

1. Apply here now
2. Get Approved
3. Receive your Welcome Package
4. Enjoy the Benefits.

If you want to know the Guidelines Read moreInsider Program Guidelines

As a Mantrameds Insider you will have the privilege of all the Insider benefits listed above. Currently to establish a group of Insiders we are inviting individuals to join until the program is full. Insider status can be kept indefinitely but it must be earned yearly.  We don’t ask for much, keeping Insider status only requires your participation and brand support. Privilege does come with some responsibly but we do make responsibility fun.  We only ask you to use the tools we give you and interact with your community and ours.  That’s it give things away and help us spread the word about our brand and products, how cool is that for responsibility!

The Insider Program is currently limited annually.  The number of eligible Insiders per state is based on state population.
The Insider Program Coordinator will review ever Insiders participation yearly.   Keeping active status as and insider will be up to you and based on what you give away and how you interact with the brand and community via the program coordinator, social media, surveys, etc….

  • Abuse of discount privileges will not be tolerated and can jeopardize your Insider status.
  • Personal discounts are limited to the Insider themselves.
  • Scrub Love Cards extending a 30% discount to friends and family will be provided on a limited basis to spread the love.
  • Periodically Manrtameds may choose to allow your discount to be extended to others on a limited basis.

Apply here now


Thinly Read: Having a Cat Changes Everything

Do I look tired? I bet I look pretty tired. Our little guy keeps us up. We hardly get any sleep some nights.

We try to keep him out of the bedroom now, but that doesn’t stop him from looking for attention. I mean, we know better than to expect him to sleep through the night, but really.

And you know, even though we’re both so exhausted, we don’t mind. He’s just so adorable during the day, and we’re so happy to have him. Every day is such a precious gift of joy.

I mean, I didn’t think our lives would change this much, but what they say really is true: Having a cat changes everything. (more…)

NCSU Opens New Veterinary Center

original seal of the University of North Carol...

Image via Wikipedia

BY JAY PRICE – Staff Writer

RALEIGH — Many humans would be thrilled to have their relatives treated at a hospital as modern and well-equipped as N.C. State University‘s new veterinary medical center.

In a sense, that’s why it was built and stocked with state-of-the-art equipment and organized around clinics in specialties that didn’t even exist in the early 1980s when the building it will replace was built.

“There has been a major change in the attitudes of pet owners in the past few decades to view their pets more as family and not just backyard pets,” said Michael Davidson, director of medical services and an associate dean at the College of Veterinary Medicine.

“Owners have come to expect and be willing to pay for high-quality health care, and that’s what’s driving this.” (more…)