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One Clothing Company Removed 82,527 Pounds of Trash from Waterways

One Clothing Company Removed 82,527 Pounds of Trash from Waterways

Jaymi Heimbuch
Living / Sustainable Fashion
December 1, 2011

© United By Blue

Last year when we wrote about United By Blue, a clothing and jewelry retail company that puts the ocean first, the company was just a tiny start-up getting its sea legs. But now it has proven itself as a sustainably-minded company that makes a serious difference. It has already removed 82,527 pounds of trash from the ocean as of this writing.

The company accomplishes this fantastic task by removing one pound of trash from oceans and waterways worldwide for every product sold, through company-organized cleanups.


The Green Cheapskate

Love this blog! The Green Cheapskate, written by Jeff Yeager, is a funny twist on typical greenie blogs. Jeff gives tips on being green and saving some green $$ in the process.

“Being a Green Cheapskate is about saving money while living lighter on the Earth, from frugal tricks to thrifty planning.” – brought to you by TheDailyGreen

Jeff’s latest blog: The Snobbish Wine Guest Switcheroo and Other Cheapskate Wine Tips

Read more:

Animals love Environmentally Friendly MantraMeds Scrubs!

Animals love our environmentally friendly MantraMeds scrubs! Thank you veterinarian Christy B. for sending in this picture! Christy is a MantraMeds Insider. Read more about the Insider Program below!

So, what is the Mantrameds Insider Program?

If you love our product the way we think you will, you’ll pass on the word!  It’s pretty simple.  The program is our way of saying thanks and asking for your help at the same time.  

As a Mantrameds Insider you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • 30% Personal Use Discount
  • Personalized Welcome Packet
  • Free Scrub Top or Bottom Annually
  • “Scrub Love” Cards To Introduce Your Friends To Mantrameds At A 30% Discount – (Recipients must be a new customer to be eligible)
  • Participation in the Product Design And Review Process
  • Ability To Host Your Own Income Generating Scrub Sale
  • Fun SWAG for you and your friends
  • Advanced ordering for new styles and colors

Sounds great, what do I need to do?

1. Apply here now
2. Get Approved
3. Receive your Welcome Package
4. Enjoy the Benefits.

If you want to know the Guidelines Read moreInsider Program Guidelines

As a Mantrameds Insider you will have the privilege of all the Insider benefits listed above. Currently to establish a group of Insiders we are inviting individuals to join until the program is full. Insider status can be kept indefinitely but it must be earned yearly.  We don’t ask for much, keeping Insider status only requires your participation and brand support. Privilege does come with some responsibly but we do make responsibility fun.  We only ask you to use the tools we give you and interact with your community and ours.  That’s it give things away and help us spread the word about our brand and products, how cool is that for responsibility!

The Insider Program is currently limited annually.  The number of eligible Insiders per state is based on state population.
The Insider Program Coordinator will review ever Insiders participation yearly.   Keeping active status as and insider will be up to you and based on what you give away and how you interact with the brand and community via the program coordinator, social media, surveys, etc….

  • Abuse of discount privileges will not be tolerated and can jeopardize your Insider status.
  • Personal discounts are limited to the Insider themselves.
  • Scrub Love Cards extending a 30% discount to friends and family will be provided on a limited basis to spread the love.
  • Periodically Manrtameds may choose to allow your discount to be extended to others on a limited basis.

Apply here now

Support your local farmers!

This holiday season, Mantrameds encourages you to support your local farmers! One of the biggest crops in the mountains of North Carolina is… Christmas Trees!

The North Carolina Christmas Tree Association NCCTA

Grown on American soil by American farmers, North Carolina Fraser fir is a renewable, recyclable, environmentally friendly choice.
Visit their blog at:


Organic Scrub Stew!

Ever wonder what makes Mantrameds scrubs stand out from the rest? The difference is in the quality ingredients we use. Check out this youtube video to learn the recipe!

What the iPad May Mean for Medicine

New technology has the potential to change the way we do things, from changing a single part of a routine to altering the game plan entirely. Many have lauded Apple’s new iPad as one of these revolutionary technologies, and one that has great potential to be used in fields like education, business and even medicine. Whether or not the iPad can truly revolutionize the way treatment is carried out at hospitals around the nation is yet to be seen, but there is a lot of buzz about it, and more and more facilities are willing to give it a try in their day-to-day practice. If you’re curious about what the iPad could mean for medicine, from nursing schools to nursing homes, take a look at these potential applications, articles and even apps to see what the iPad could change, make easier, and streamline for medical facilities.


There are a wide range of ways that the iPad has been suggested for use in the hospital setting. Here are just a few applications that can show you what the iPad could mean for changing the way you do patient care in your hospital. (more…)

Eating organic – Yoga entrepreneur keeps it raw

Heather Atwood

Taylor Wells, 45, eats only raw vegan food. The younger of her five children, Phoenix, 4, and 14-month-old twins Dakota and Montana, who are still nursing, have never eaten cooked foods in their young lives.

Taylor and husband Phillipe converted to a raw vegan diet after 7-year-old Sage was born, but waited for a while before introducing a completely raw food diet to the children.

For skeptics, Taylor, Phillipe and kids stand out on the urban streets only for being enviably fit and attractive. No anemic, sandaled vegan cliches here; Taylor is powerful, petite with shiny blond hair and a gleaming smile; Phillipe has a square jaw and steely arms. They drive the kids to softball in a green mini-van, have roomfuls of plastic toys for all the kids, and wink at 13-year-old Madison’s occasional Starbucks frappuccino with friends. (more…)