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The $80,000 Vote for Sustainability!

AT&T is dedicated to supporting people and communities, the environment, and technology. Your vote counts: each nonprofit will win a percentage of the $80K pool, based on the number of votes they receive.

You can vote once per day, so make sure to come back tomorrow to support your favorite organization again!


Roadtrip Nation
Roadtrip nation exists to support, empower, and encourage individuals who want to define their own roads in life.

Keep America Beautiful
Keep America Beautiful changes behaviors and improves communities through a focus on litter prevention, waste reduction and recycling, and beautification and community greening.

National Safety Council
The National Safety Council’s mission is to save lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and communities and on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy.

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Support your local farmers!

This holiday season, Mantrameds encourages you to support your local farmers! One of the biggest crops in the mountains of North Carolina is… Christmas Trees!

The North Carolina Christmas Tree Association NCCTA

Grown on American soil by American farmers, North Carolina Fraser fir is a renewable, recyclable, environmentally friendly choice.
Visit their blog at:


Green Monday: 2011 gift guide

Matt Hickman

Manage to emerge unscathed from — or completely avoid — last week’s frenzied display of retail ickiness? Shop responsibly and less aggressively for eco-prezzies with the help of this year’s Green Monday gift guide.

View the gift guide at:

“You’ll find an assortment of items… that are durable, handmade, ethically manufactured, and/or made from recycled/recyclable/sustainable materials. There’s something for everyone on the list, from space-strapped urban gardeners to energy usage-obsessers to design-savvy cat owners.”

Waste Not: 8 Ways to Reduce Thanksgiving Day Waste

Mantrameds sustainable medical apparel encourages you to reduce, reuse & recycle on this Thanksgiving holiday! This great article from Organic Authority gives tips on reducing your waste before, during and after turkey day!

Written by Abbie Stutzer


Thanksgiving is not about stuffing your face and unbuttoning your pants to allow your stomach that extra inch of space. Nor is it about wasting oodles of food, paper products and energy. Shocking, I know. The renowned holiday is really about being thankful for what you have, family and good food prepared with care — and consciousness.

It’s easy to overlook that last part. We’re all hurried and rushed, and spend most of our holiday prep time thinking about meal presentation rather than preparation and clean up. The following tips, ideas and general advice can help you stay conscious this Thanksgiving. Enjoy the day and take pleasure in knowing you did everything in your power to produce a sustainable meal!

Thanksgiving Day Preparation

Get it Done in One Trip

Make your list, check it twice, and have your mom look over it so she can remind you of that one item you will inevitably forget. Getting all of your holiday shopping done in one trip will save gas, wear and tear on your car and time.

Break Out the Good Dishes

Don’t use plastic utensils or paper plates, and cook with reusable containers and pans. Sure, dish washing is a chore, but these  “convenient” dishes create a ton of waste. Use cloth napkins, too. Also, post meal clean up can be done with a homemade, green cleaner and an old towel.

Recycling Garbage

Recycle every last plastic container, cardboard box and wine bottle.


Put plant waste, coffee grounds and tea bags in your compost pile.

Decorate with Nature

Fill clear vases with pinecones, acorns and colorful leaves and use as an earthy centerpiece. Popped open your organic wine bottles already? Take the corks, carve a small slit in the cork, and place a piece of paper with a guest’s name to create unique, upcycled place settings.

The Meal

Use the Whole Turkey

That expensive free-range, organic turkey gave its life to feed you and your family and friends — you better use the whole thing. Kathy Bechtel of Italian Food, Wine, Health and Fitness has a great post dedicated to how to use the entire bird.

Use Organic and Local Veggies

A no-brainer, but easy to forget if you’re in a rush at the store. Try to buy fresh rather than canned. Use traditional Thanksgiving food (cranberries, yams) and make unconventional side dishes.

Meat-Free Meal Options

These awesome holiday recipes are vegetarian-friendly. Serve as this year’s Thanksgiving entree (the butternut squash gnocchi looks amazing — and it can be made vegan) if you and your family don’t eat meat, or serve as unique side dishes to complete your turkey.

image: nappent

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What goes into Mantrameds Scrubs?

Mantrameds’ South Carolina office moved early Fall to W. Antrum Drive in Greenville. We have a great display room that has remained sparse until today. Pictured below are some of the materials that go into Mantrameds scrubs.


To the right are miniature hay bales. The two brown ones are Texas Organic Cotton, which accounts for 50% of our poly/cotton blend. The orange hay bale with tiger paws is one of Jack Miller’s favorite souvenirs. He bought it at a fundraiser for the agriculture department at his alma matter – Clemson University. To learn more about Texas organic cotton, go to

The plastic pyramid in the center of the table is made of display canisters from Repreve Recycled Polyester, which makes up 50% of Mantrameds fabric. These canisters show the 3 stages of the recycled polyester process. The plastic is melted down and chopped into small beads. These are melted down into flakes, which are then extracted into polyester yarn. To read more about Repreve Recycled Polyester, go to

The left side of the table displays Mantrameds’ newest literature. As of last week, we have an updated catalog, story-teller hangtags, discount cards, and star-shaped badge pulls. To request a new catalog or inquire about Mantrameds scrubs, email us at 


Remember, Mantrameds scrubs are made in the USA using sustainable practices. Buy a pair for the green nurse in your family this Christmas!

Organic Scrub Stew!

Ever wonder what makes Mantrameds scrubs stand out from the rest? The difference is in the quality ingredients we use. Check out this youtube video to learn the recipe!

What the iPad May Mean for Medicine

New technology has the potential to change the way we do things, from changing a single part of a routine to altering the game plan entirely. Many have lauded Apple’s new iPad as one of these revolutionary technologies, and one that has great potential to be used in fields like education, business and even medicine. Whether or not the iPad can truly revolutionize the way treatment is carried out at hospitals around the nation is yet to be seen, but there is a lot of buzz about it, and more and more facilities are willing to give it a try in their day-to-day practice. If you’re curious about what the iPad could mean for medicine, from nursing schools to nursing homes, take a look at these potential applications, articles and even apps to see what the iPad could change, make easier, and streamline for medical facilities.


There are a wide range of ways that the iPad has been suggested for use in the hospital setting. Here are just a few applications that can show you what the iPad could mean for changing the way you do patient care in your hospital. (more…)