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MantraMeds Site has NEW FEATURES! Part 1: Fit Guide

The MantraMeds website has some exciting new features to make shopping online that much easier. With additions like a new fit guide and videos of our model sporting each scrub, you’ll feel like you’re in a store trying our scrubs on!

Fit Guide:

To assist you in choosing the right size the 1st time we have created the Mantrameds Sizing Guide.  Choose the style you like and find the fit type description (this is listed in the product description). Now refer to the fit guide drawings and descriptions to make sure you will like the garment’s fit.  You can customize the fit to your personal preference easily by sizing up or down.

Read more for examples and pictures!


New customer survey

Help us become a better scrub company in 2012 by filling out this survey on! If you’ve ever tried on a pair of MantraMeds scrubs, please go to this link and answer our short survey.