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Patrick Yarns’ Solar Powered Plant Produces Eco-friendly Yarns

MantraMeds Sustainable Medical Apparel offers Earthspun Apparel Tees made from recycled polyester and recycled cotton. Patrick Yarns supplies Earthspun® yarns for Earthspun® Apparel t-shirts.

Patrick Yarns, a premier specialty yarn spinner in Kings Mountain, NC, is proud to announce the commissioning of the largest privately owned solar installation in the Charlotte, NC Region. It is another example of Patrick Yarns continuing commitment to environmental stewardship and to our community. With the addition of these photovoltaic panels, Patrick Yarns environmentally friendly yarns are truly: SPUN BY THE SUN®

Located on the roof of our Clevemont Facility, the system features:

  • 140,000 kWh/year clean photovoltaic power
  • Enough to power 14 average homes
  • Equivalent to 11,310 gallons of gasoline, 234 barrels of oil and 2578 trees planted
Patrick Yarns Green Facts:
  • Manufacturer of Earthspun® recycled & renewable yarns and products
  • Utilizes modern efficient lighting and motors
  • None of the facilities produce any green house gases in our manufacturing processes
  • Zero landfill goal
Patrick Yarns is the premier spinner of reclaimed, renewable and performance fibers in the United States. With over 50 years experience, continual investment in cutting-edge technology, and our “can-do” attitude, we provide our customers profitable, environmentally friendly solutions to their yarn and textile requirements.
Monitor how much electricity Patrick Yarns is generating via solar energy, log on to:
To see all of Patrick Yarns’ environmentally friendly efforts, visit:

MantraMeds tees by Earthspun® Apparel

Mantrameds‘ tshirts are made by Earthspun® Apparel, a sister company that creates shirts from a blend of recycled cotton and recycled polyester. Earthspun shirts are free of dyes. The shirts’ color comes from the post-consumer plastics that are broken down into fibers for the recycled polyester. Earthspun® Apparel currently offers shirts in the following colors: Beer Bottle Brown, Soda Pop Green, Water Bottle Blue, X-ray Gray. Coming soon is Food Tray Black – made from microwave dinner trays. 

For more information on Earthspun® Apparel t-shirts, visit or email

Boulder-based Best Organics launches America’s Best

Company branches out with new ‘Made in the USA’ baskets
By Leezia Dhalla

This holiday season, Best Organics Inc. is giving local shoppers three more reasons to spend. Two weeks ago, the Boulder-based company launched a new product line, called America’s Best Organics, featuring three gourmet gift baskets overflowing with artisan foods, organic personal care products and other eco-friendly items all made in the United States.

Co-Owner Steve Hoffman, left, and CEO Seleyn DeYarus of Best Organic Inc. in Boulder. The company has just launched a new America s Best Organics line of gourmet gift boxes. ( MARK LEFFINGWELL )

“With the new product line, DeYarus said, “I think we’ll appeal to patriots who want to support ‘Made in the USA,’ and we’ll also attract those who really care about the Earth and making a difference with how they spend their dollars.”

We couldn’t agree with you more! Great to see more companies offering goods that are sustainable and made in the USA. Best of luck this holiday season to Best Organics Inc.

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I’m dreaming of a GREEN Christmas!

Enjoy A Real Green Christmas!

Enjoy A Real Green Christmas
If you’re planning on heading out and getting a Christmas tree this holiday season, please leave the axe at home. Urban Roots is teaming up with Riverkeeper, Grassroots Gardens and Olmsted Parks to, once again, offer up an alternative that can help your home, the city and our planet. Why not consider investing in a living tree? “Living trees improve the air quality of your home,” says Patti Jablonski-Dopkin, General Manager of Urban Roots Community Gardening Center. “And eventually your community.  They absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen as well as mediate air temperature and humidity. When you bring a living tree into your home, you and your family get the benefits of natural air purification. By planting the tree in your yard or an urban neighborhood after Christmas, you give the continued gift of improved air quality to the community.  The trees will also provide habitat for native wildlife species as they grow. Living trees reduce landfill use and methane production.  30-35 million cut Christmas trees are sold in the U.S. each year and approximately 10 million of them end up in landfills, thus producing methane.  When you purchase a living tree, you keep valuable nutrients out of the landfill and cut methane production.”

If you’re not sure what to do with the tree once the holidays are over, bring it back to Urban Roots and they will take care of it until spring. Then they will give your tree to one of the partnering groups to get it planted (you can even get a write off). Additionally, since you did such a good deed, you can go and visit your tree whenever you want! Then you can buy a friend for your tree next season, and the season after that. After all, we were once known as the City of Trees.
Urban Roots Community Garden Center, located at 428 Rhode Island Street, offers eight (8) varieties of living, locally-grown evergreens for the holidays.  They are priced in the $60-$70 range and stand 3′-4′ feet tall. The staff can provide you with full planting instructions. 


Car seats from Recycled Plastic Bottles on New Ford Focus Electric

The new Ford Focus electric car uses Repreve recycled polyester by Unifi – this is the same polyester Mantrameds uses in our 65/35 poly/cotton blend sustainable fabric for our scrubs.

By Cameron Chai

It takes plastic bottles and other industrial wastes to make the recycled polyester fibre Repreve, which in turn is used as the fabric for car seats in the all new Ford Focus Electric car. Repreve is manufactured by Unifi, one of the world’s leading environmentally sustainable fabric manufacturers.


ford uses recycled plastic bottles for the seats in the new ford Focus Electric


The Ford Focus Electric is made of sustainable materials intended to cut down on waste. Thus using the Repreve was a natural choice of recycled material. According to Unifi, a single Ford Focus Electric car uses 22 plastic water bottles of 16 Oz capacity for its car seats. The car is electrically powered and has zero carbon emissions, which is very much in line with the environmentally green concept.

As part of its 2009 mandate to its fabric suppliers to use 25% recycled content in their products, 37 fabrics, which have met Ford’s requirements have been incorporated. This is part of Ford’s “Reduce, reuse and recycle” environmentally sustainable global strategy. Repreve reduces the energy consumed in refining virgin material from crude oil. The company recently announced that it uses plastic bottles weighing 20-25 Oz for the carpeting in its new Ford Escape utility vehicle. This is the first time the company has used such carpeting for an SUV. Ford has previously used various non-metal materials that have been recycled for specific applications. Some examples of such usage are seat covers made of recycled yarn, wheat straw-filled plastics, head restraints and seat cushions made of soy foam, instrument panels consisting of castor oil foam and underbody systems made of recycled resins.



What goes into Mantrameds Scrubs?

Mantrameds’ South Carolina office moved early Fall to W. Antrum Drive in Greenville. We have a great display room that has remained sparse until today. Pictured below are some of the materials that go into Mantrameds scrubs.


To the right are miniature hay bales. The two brown ones are Texas Organic Cotton, which accounts for 50% of our poly/cotton blend. The orange hay bale with tiger paws is one of Jack Miller’s favorite souvenirs. He bought it at a fundraiser for the agriculture department at his alma matter – Clemson University. To learn more about Texas organic cotton, go to

The plastic pyramid in the center of the table is made of display canisters from Repreve Recycled Polyester, which makes up 50% of Mantrameds fabric. These canisters show the 3 stages of the recycled polyester process. The plastic is melted down and chopped into small beads. These are melted down into flakes, which are then extracted into polyester yarn. To read more about Repreve Recycled Polyester, go to

The left side of the table displays Mantrameds’ newest literature. As of last week, we have an updated catalog, story-teller hangtags, discount cards, and star-shaped badge pulls. To request a new catalog or inquire about Mantrameds scrubs, email us at 


Remember, Mantrameds scrubs are made in the USA using sustainable practices. Buy a pair for the green nurse in your family this Christmas!

Organic Scrub Stew!

Ever wonder what makes Mantrameds scrubs stand out from the rest? The difference is in the quality ingredients we use. Check out this youtube video to learn the recipe!