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Hospitals Go Green to Save Money and Save Lives

Spalding Hospital sits on Boston Harbor in Charlestown. (Photo: Robin Lubbock/WBUR)

In an effort to stabalize energy costs hospitals nationwide are investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy. Host Steve Curwood checks out the innovative design of the new Spaulding hospital with John Messervy Director of Capital and Facilities Planning for Partners’ HealthCare. (more…)

Sustainable Textiles Possible from Slime, Study Says

Atsuko NegishiNews Release

University of Guelph researcher Atsuko Negishi is investigating a novel and unlikely source of natural fibres that may one day lessen our dependence on petroleum: hagfish slime.

The textile industry needs an affordable, sustainable alternative to oil-based polymers, and a recent study shows that hagfish slime protein threads have the potential to be spun and woven into novel biomaterials.

Hagfishes are an ancient group of eel-like, bottom-dwelling animals that have remained relatively unchanged for more than 300 million years. When threatened, hagfishes secrete a gelatinous slime containing mucous and tens of thousands of protein threads. These threads belong to the “intermediate filament” family of proteins, and they have remarkable mechanical properties that rival those of spider silks. (more…)

Become A Mantrameds Insider Today.

So, what is the Mantrameds Insider Program?

If you love our product the way we think you will, you’ll pass on the word!  It’s pretty simple.  The program is our way of saying thanks and asking for your help at the same time.  

As a Mantrameds Insider you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • 30% Personal Use Discount
  • Personalized Welcome Packet
  • Free Scrub Top or Bottom Annually
  • “Scrub Love” Cards To Introduce Your Friends To Mantrameds At A 30% Discount – (Recipients must be a new customer to be eligible)
  • Participation in the Product Design And Review Process
  • Ability To Host Your Own Income Generating Scrub Sale
  • Fun SWAG for you and your friends
  • Advanced ordering for new styles and colors

Sounds great, what do I need to do?

1. Apply here now
2. Get Approved
3. Receive your Welcome Package
4. Enjoy the Benefits.

If you want to know the Guidelines Read more (more…)

Organic Scrub Stew!

Ever wonder what makes Mantrameds scrubs stand out from the rest? The difference is in the quality ingredients we use. Check out this youtube video to learn the recipe!

Mantrameds Sizing Guide

To assist you in choosing the right size the 1st time we have created the Mantrameds Sizing Guide.  Choosing your perfect size online is now as easy as trying it on in a store.

Choose the style you like and find the fit type description. (This is listed in the product description)
View the size chart below to see what size you should be in a Mantrameds scrub.  Make sure you are looking at a women’s specific or unisex style. (This is listed in each product description)
Now refer to the fit guide drawings and descriptions to make sure you will like the garments fit.  You can customize the fit to your personal preference easily by sizing up or down.


Jenny is a Small but likes her garments roomy.  Jenny is in love with the Olivia top but wants to move freely and is more concerned with her comfort than her appearance.  Jenny would most likely want to order a Medium to meet her needs.

On the other hand Kate is a Medium and is on the Sleek looking Becky top but really likes a form-fitting garment.  To have this regular fit garment fit closer Kate will want to size down to a Small.

*If you should have any questions along the way, just e-mail us at Mantrameds or call 855 -289-8337 Ext #3 and we will help you choose the right size.  Every Mantrameds product also comes with our Healthy Guarantee to make exchanging garments easy at anytime.  Enjoy shopping and thanks for choosing Mantrameds

Size Chart – Women’s minimum body measurements women's sizing chart

Measurements refer to body size, not garment dimensions, and are in inches, unless otherwise noted.

Size Chart – Men’s / Unisex minimum body measurements

unisex sizing chart

Measurements refer to body size, not garment dimensions, and are in inches, unless otherwise noted.

Mantrameds Fit Guide Fit guide

Mantrameds Rise Guide rise guide

50/50 Tuesday Results – Picking up more states!

NC picked up one Insider, but AZ also, so the West is catching up!  Let’s get California on board to compete with SC and we will really have some fun.   Text your Golden State friends and get them going today.

50 results Tuesday



Meet Mantrameds Insider Christy Brown

Vet Tech Assistant Christy Brown, wearing our great fitting Courtney bottom in Onyx.  Chrisry Brown  Mantrameds Insider