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Valentine’s Day Gifts That Give Back

by 02/08/12

rose, roses, red, red roses, flowers, bouquet, Valentine's, Valentine's DayShow your Valentine (and the planet) a little love by choosing a gift that gives back. Photo: Flickr/Valdiney Pimenta

As you’re browsing the Web for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift this week, why not choose a gift that gives back? Here are three fun ways to help the environment and your community while showing your honey you care.

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A merry and modern Christmas

Environmentalism, digital world give traditions a tweak

Christmas is steeped in tradition, but that doesn’t mean the merry season can’t feel modern.
With the digital revolution, green sensibilities and ever-evolving styles of the 21st century, traditions take on a new vibe.
“We live in a different world,” says Gerald Smith, professor of religion and environmental studies at Sewanee: The University of the South. “We can sing ‘Over the river and through the woods’ all we want, but most of us live in a digital world; high-tech things are a part of our life, and what we are doing is pulling Christmas traditions in that direction.

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A Minimalist’s Guide to Holiday Gifting

Written by Jill Ettinger

a minimalist can still find holiday gifts

You think tchotchke is a Russian novelist. You’ve never bought a souvenir, a bauble or a trinket. Clutter makes you hyperventilate. There’s something to be said for the Zen-like state of living without encumbering things all around us. Even studies have shown that a de-cluttered living environment can be more conducive to creativity, focus and happiness. But being anti-thing can make the holidays a little rough and confusing.

Whether getting a gift for a minimalist or you happen to be one yourself struggling with holiday gift ideas, perhaps some of these will work for you.

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9 Ways to Wrap Without Buying Wrapping Paper

9 Ways to Wrap Without Buying Wrapping Paper

Written by Shilo Urban

handmade gift wrap

Every year the holiday season generates an incredible amount of garbage, much of it in the form of wrapping paper that is purchased, used once, and then ripped into shreds and tossed in the trash. Reduce your holiday footprint by refusing to buy wrapping paper – try these creative ideas instead:

Green Monday: 2011 gift guide

Matt Hickman

Manage to emerge unscathed from — or completely avoid — last week’s frenzied display of retail ickiness? Shop responsibly and less aggressively for eco-prezzies with the help of this year’s Green Monday gift guide.

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“You’ll find an assortment of items… that are durable, handmade, ethically manufactured, and/or made from recycled/recyclable/sustainable materials. There’s something for everyone on the list, from space-strapped urban gardeners to energy usage-obsessers to design-savvy cat owners.”

Give The Gift Of Good Health

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, lists five toxic holiday gifts you should never buy a loved one for Christmas
Gift-giving is a wonderful activity, but many people who give gifts to family and friends don’t realize they’re actually giving the recipient cancer, or diabetes or attention deficit problems.
In this article, I expose five dangerous gifts that may literally increase the risk of disease and death. Whatever you give your family and friends this holiday season, please avoid giving these five dangerous gifts:
Dangerous gift #5) Clothing that’s full of GMOs, dyes and pesticides

Finally, all non-organic cotton isloaded with pesticides, and those pesticide chemicals can promote Parkinson’s disease, dementia and other brain disorders (…). The only cotton that’s free of pesticides is100% organic cotton, which is available from a few specialty stores and online retailers.

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