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Banned! Los Angeles Nation’s Largest City to Prohibit Plastic Bags

Courtesy of Organic Authority

Plastic bags

The highly anticipated decision by the city of Los Angeles on whether or not to ban the single use plastic bag from retail stores and restaurants was announced last Wednesday, with an overwhelming 13 to 1 vote in favor of the ban, making Los Angeles the nation’s largest city to prohibit plastic bags and the state’s 48th city overall, joining San Francisco, San Jose and Long Beach.

Experts estimate that by keeping the nearly 3 billion plastic bags currently used in the city of Los Angeles out of landfills, residents will also experience fewer environmental pollutants and cleaner oceans. But not everyone agrees. Representatives of plastic bag manufacturing plants suggest the measure could cost many Los Angeles residents their jobs. The 1 nay vote, issued by Councilman Bernard Parks, represents his concern over legal challenges and health concerns over possible food contamination from reusable bags.

Large markets and stores within Los Angeles will have six months and smaller stores will have to the end of 2012 to phase out the plastic bags. This does not count against plastic bags used for produce and bulk items. The same measure also aims to decrease the use of paper bags, as well, which will still be allowed as an option, but stores and restaurants will be required to charge a ten-cent surcharge per bag.

Last year, the county of Los Angeles enforced a ban on plastic bags, which has already taken effect in unincorporated areas of the county, but the measure has been challenged in court.

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What Should A Sustainable Political Party Advocate?

 Written by By Inder Comar

In the US we’re still more than a year away from the next federal election, but campaign news is already making headlines.  It’s worth asking:  what are some things a Sustainable Party might advocate?

Here are a few ideas:

Sustainable health.  The conversation about nation-wide health care is an excellent start, but people need to ask fundamental questions about what it means to be healthy.  Scientists and doctors already know that (1) nutritious foods, (2) a robust social network, (3) daily exercise and (4) rest and holiday are the best ways to manage stress and stay healthy.  Yet current health care models focus on emergency and end-of-life care, when care is at its most expensive and least likely to qualitatively improve life over the long term.

A Sustainable Party should fight for a health care system that maximizes preventive and sustainable health. Things such as (1) a better food supply, (2) better advocacy and support for the mentally ill, (3) more opportunities to be outdoors and exercise, and (4) more time off from work would dramatically increase quality of life and reduce disease, all while saving costs.

Sustainable infrastructure. The economies of the future will not be coal or oil-based. Carbon emission models are simply too scary — and oil production too vulnerable — to suggest otherwise. Other countries are already way on top of this:  Germany, for example, plans on being 50 percent reliant on wind, solar and hydroelectric power (and totally nuclear free) in just eleven short years.

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America’s Nurses: Emerging Leaders of Sustainability

By Julie Graham  RN/PHN

May 12 is internationally recognized as Nurses’ Day.  I thought it would be a fitting opportunity to recognize professional  nurses and acknowledge the potential they have to contribute to sustainable change.  Nurses have a natural fit with sustainability.  They dedicate their professional lives to making the lives of others, and their communities, better.  Healthier.
Nurses are highly trained professionals whose doctrine is founded in Holism.  Nursing has a long history of identifying maladaptive behaviors and manifestations in individuals and communities, and planning, then evaluating, measures for continual improvement. (more…)