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MantraMeds Site has NEW FEATURES! Part 2: Videos


The MantraMeds website has some exciting new features to make shopping online that much easier. With additions like a new fit guide and videos of our model sporting each scrub, you’ll feel like you’re in a store trying our scrubs on!

Every top and bottom on the MantraMeds shop site now has a video of our models turning around in the scrubs. Now you can see how these garments move! Go to to see our sustainable scrubs in motion!


A merry and modern Christmas

Environmentalism, digital world give traditions a tweak

Christmas is steeped in tradition, but that doesn’t mean the merry season can’t feel modern.
With the digital revolution, green sensibilities and ever-evolving styles of the 21st century, traditions take on a new vibe.
“We live in a different world,” says Gerald Smith, professor of religion and environmental studies at Sewanee: The University of the South. “We can sing ‘Over the river and through the woods’ all we want, but most of us live in a digital world; high-tech things are a part of our life, and what we are doing is pulling Christmas traditions in that direction.

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Green Tips: Green Bedding For an Unusual Holiday Gift

Need an unusual and green holiday gift idea? Consider giving organic or natural fiber sheets and blankets.

Introduce your family and friends to a healthier, cozier night’s sleep with natural fiber sheets and blankets.  While you are at it, get some for yourself – you won’t believe the difference!


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Information compiled from, and Green Living by the editors of The Environmental Magazine.

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MantraMeds Site Has a New Look!

If you go to and click the “Shop” tab, you’ll see our page has taken on a new look! We have taken on a new shop portal so you can find your way around our site and so we can make quick changes if there are ever any glitches. Go to our site and take a look around! If you have any feedback for us, send us an email at

A Minimalist’s Guide to Holiday Gifting

Written by Jill Ettinger

a minimalist can still find holiday gifts

You think tchotchke is a Russian novelist. You’ve never bought a souvenir, a bauble or a trinket. Clutter makes you hyperventilate. There’s something to be said for the Zen-like state of living without encumbering things all around us. Even studies have shown that a de-cluttered living environment can be more conducive to creativity, focus and happiness. But being anti-thing can make the holidays a little rough and confusing.

Whether getting a gift for a minimalist or you happen to be one yourself struggling with holiday gift ideas, perhaps some of these will work for you.

Find these great gift ideas here:

Sprout Watches – green stocking stuffer

Looking for last-minute holiday gifts? Don’t stuff your loved ones’ stockings with junk! At MantraMeds, we encourage you to gift eco-consciously during this season of giving.

Just discovered Sprout!

Sprout makes wrist watches out of materials like corn resin (99% biodegradable in a compost environment), organic cotton (pesticide free), Tyvek® (a high-density fiber which is strong, water and tear resistant and is recyclable), bamboo (which doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers to grow) and fish skin (an eco-friendly alternative to animal leather). These watches come in several styles for men and women – bright colors, funky designs, and fully functioning for the bargain price of $30! Check out this eco-friendly brand and save yourself some green!

Check out their website at:


Peace, love, iPod

Peace, love, iPod

 Love this article from TimesLIVE! Read on to uncover the modern day hippie. Are you a food hippie, an activist, a benevolent boho, a nomad, or (our personal favorite) a shopper hippie? Read full article:

Shanthini Naidoo | 04 December, 2011 02:06

Hippie-ism started to fade like a bad tie-dye at the tail end of last century. Then we focused on making money quickly. It was cool to own stocks and bonds, to build empires in grey suits and to have stress-related heart attacks. Now hipsters, ancestors of the hippie, are everywhere. The Bohemian has woken up from a 30-year slumber. But this time, dreadlocks and mind-evolving drugs are not a prerequisite.

From the soccer mom to the socialite, we all carry a bit of the inner hippie and the world is a better place for it.

Find your inner hippie! Are you a food hippie, an activist, a benevolent boho, a nomad, or (our personal favorite) a shopper hippie? Read full article:


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