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Clemson University in Top 10 for Recyclemania Video Contest!

Clemson University posted the big news on Facebook today… Clemson Recycles’ RecycleMania video entry is in the top 10 for the entire contest! Help them become number one! Go to and “like” the video on the YouTube page.


Solid Green Presents Dirty Jobs!

Solid Green, a student group at Clemson University that promotes sustainability, is hosting Dirty Jobs – an event dedicated educating students about recycling on Clemson’s campus. Students who participate will receive a “Peace, Love, Recycling” recycled earthspun t-shirt! Get involved at your alma mater to help support groups like this one.

Student Groups for Sustainability

A few of us here at MantraMeds are Clemson University Alumni. Clemson has several student groups dedicated to sustainability. Check them out on Facebook to support their initiatives or to get similar groups started at your alma mater!

Clemson Recycles – Our mission is to promote recycling through coordination and sponsoring events to raise awareness about recycling at Clemson University and in the community. Like Clemson Recycles on facebook!

Solid Green – The mission of the Solid Green Club (SGC) is to function as an active extension of the Clemson University Solid Green Committee (SG) by bringing about a heightened awareness of environmental issues, promoting a “Green Clemson” community and coordinating and sponsoring educational and service activities that further the community’s commitment to a more sustainable environment.  Like Solid Green on Facebook!

Students for Environmental Action -Mission is to promote sustainability through advocacy, education, and funding projects that address environmentalism. Like Students for Environmental Action on Facebook!

School Nurse

School nurses have to handle everything from acute problems like splinters and sprained ankles to chronic issues such as asthma and diabetes. They manage school physicals, deal with crisis counseling, keep track of immunizations and promote healthy lifestyle choices.

Communicating with Parents and Teachers. School nurses should consider contacting both parents and teachers via email with healthy reminders such as cold and flu prevention, proper hand washing techniques and advice for parents on keeping sick children at home. Encouraging feedback and regular communication helps keep everyone on the right track to health.

Natural Care for Injured or Ill Students. Although school budgets don’t always allow for organic and natural wellness products at schools, illness can be avoided with some very basic activities. Sheramy Vandernat, RN, BSN, offers these tips for nurses on how to keep kids healthy at school:

1. Encourage good hand hygiene

  • To give kids an idea of how long it should take to thoroughly wash their hands, teach them to sing Happy Birthday or their ABCs twice while scrubbing. (Incidentally, the same singing idea applies for teeth brushing, although it’s much harder to sing with a toothbrush in your mouth.)
  • Visit the CDC‘s website for the recommended hand washing technique.
  • Teach parents and students that bottled hand sanitizers are intended for use when soap and water are inaccessible, not as a replacement. Although hand sanitizers are convenient, kids should still wash their hands with soap and water at the first opportunity for a more effective job. Also, be sure to use natural soaps over antibacterial ones, which almost always contain the precarious chemical triclosan or triclocarban. Both of these chemicals have been found to be endocrine disruptors and wreak havoc on our waterways. (more…)